Tonight is the Night

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight we remove the veil from the facade of the Roasting Room, and present a premier act in Angie Aparo and his band of merry men. I want to encourage any of you that possess even an ounce of interest in original music to check out the show.  But please come early.… Continue reading Tonight is the Night


Thought Experiment: A Local Musical Utopia

Local Musicians, Hey y'all, sorry for being weirdly negative/overly-generalizing a couple days ago (hopefully most of you didn't get to experience my post that I deleted like 2 hours after posting, though Jevon saw it, so there's that).  I was not as caffeinated as I thought I was.  Frustrated was more like it.  Anyway.  Let's… Continue reading Thought Experiment: A Local Musical Utopia