Jordan came from the North to chase what many musicians chase: the ability to support a family with music.  Of course, that means that Jordan does many jobs and projects under the umbrella of “music”.  He leads worship at a local church, performs for tourists during the summer months, books regional/national acts at a local venue, and brings a community of local musicians together for original music nights.  He’s busy, but Jordan is experienced in many facets of the industry.

Jordan is also the type of musician that is willing to do whatever it takes to provide quality entertainment.  Would you like 3 hours of original music?  Done.  4 hours of covers?  Got it.  Would you like someone to perform in the background, without drawing attention to himself?  All day.  Do you need a front man to put on a show?  He’s your guy.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Jordan – Lance and I are coming your way this weekend. Hope to see you at SP Beach Club Friday or Sunday. Yay!! Carol C.


  2. Looking for someone to run my Facebook and make me a website. Roasting room told me you do there’s. Can you help. Lee Wood 8433386458.


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