The Year Ahead

*sniff sniff*  Hmmm…what’s that?

Smells like…opportunity.  It has notes of cypress…bacon…bourbon…a little clove…

The Roasting Room has been open for less than a month, and is almost booked out until the 1st of April with great music from around this great land.  The good people of Bluffton are the first to thank for this, as well as the team behind the curtain keeping this scene in motion.

The bands coming to town in the new year will be a fun mixture of intricate, raw, original, complex, endearing, dynamic, and powerful in their simplicity.

Keep your eyes and ears open for show announcements.  They’ll be coming fast and furious as we move into a season of amazing art.

With your continued support, the Roasting Room above Corner Perk in sunny downtown Bluffton could very well be the place that introduces old favorites to a new audience, launches careers of new acts, and placates the seemingly insatiable appetite for good music that permeates this grand community.  In other words, people around here want good music.  We’re here to curate and cultivate that.

Happy New Year.

Much Love,





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