OMG You Guys! Surprise Gift!

SCENE:    Christmas morning;  Wrapping paper scattered throughout the den.  The coffee pot is beeping.  Mom is pouring Mimosa #2.  Kids are happily zooming their new toys around.  Dad is being all secretive.

DAD:  Hey kids…I found a note here that looks like it was written in a hurry (dad’s left-handed handwriting) and it says for you two to go into the garage.  Weird.

KIDS:  Holy Crap!

DAD & MOM share a smile.

KIDS:  New bikes!  OMG!  Let’s go outside and ride immediately!

DAD: Sure!  (Opens garage door.  16″ of snow await beyond)

KIDS:  We’ll bundle up!


K, so we left a surprise gift for you at the Roasting Room.  John Cranford would like for you all to come watch as he performs solo material along with Jared Templeton this Saturday night December 19th!  $5!  Doors @ 8p, Show starts @ 9p. You heard right;  A solo John Cranford and Jared Templeton for a few (5) bucks!  Oh man!

If that’s not a reason to kick off your slippers and head out in the blizzard (ok, it’ll be like 50 degrees on Saturday) then I don’t know what is.

12-19-15 John and Jared RR WEB large-01.jpg



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