Bluffton: We bought you a present!


Dear friends,

SCENE:  The evening is moonlit, ME and YOU are gathered around a roaring fire pit, bourbon in hand, laughing and carrying on about how awesome the Roasting Room (above the Corner Perk) is…

ME:  Oh, YOU, I almost forgot!  Happy Holidays!  I bought you a present.  Here, I’ll open it for you…(RIP!  TEAR!  CRUNCH CRINKLE CRUNCH!  THUNK!)

YOU:  What?!  OMG!  You really shouldn’t have!  I’ve been asking for this for what seemed like the entire year!  And normally I open my own gifts!  …Do you have a pair of good scissors?  I swear, these packages are made simply to drive people insane…

ME:  I know, right?  Yeah, it’s a week from tonight.  I hope I got you the right size.  As soon as it gets out of the store, it magically shrinks…  Lowcountry Boil is the only local bluegrass band (that I know of) to feature Jevon Daly, the human 2nd from right in the poster.  Crossing my fingers that this will be the garb of the evening:


YOU:  OMG.  I. cannot. wait.  It’s the perfect holiday gift.  I feel so blessed.

ME:  Me too.  I look forward to talking about this one through the holidays.  See you there at the Roasting Room (above Corner Perk) Friday Dec 18th.  Show’s at 9p.  Wear a fun hat.





1 thought on “Bluffton: We bought you a present!”

  1. Brilliant idea and yet another treasure for our sweet town of Bluffton. I had the pleasure of being there opening night to enjoy the music of Angie Aparo and friends. It was quite a spiritual and peaceful scene and can only be compared to a church like experience for me-“felt like shea”. I applaud you and Josh for giving us locals a place to go to truly appreciate the sounds and flavors of our many talented musicians who are indigenous to this area and not just another venue for a good party. Best of luck and thank you . . . .


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