Well, that was fun.


You guys,

Friday night at the Roasting Room was…

A sold out show.  A great sounding room. An attentive audience.   A memorable performance by Angie, Davey, and Will.

The chances of this happening again are good.  Very good.

So good in fact that I’ll go ahead and spill the beans on a few upcoming dates to keep your eye on:

Dec 18th:  Lowcountry Boil No-Cover Christmas Barn Stomp!  Show @ 9p

Dec 26th:  River Dog Tap Takeover & Songwriter Showcase (We’ll get back   to you on that one)

January is currently being put together, with two exciting acts already on the calendar that I’ll have plenty to talk about when the time is right.

February will feature a local hero that will be performing a friday-saturday doubleheader!  Keeyaw!

March…don’t even get me started on March.  People will be talking about what’s going on in March for the rest of 2016.  Count on it.

Above all, remember that we’re doing this because we care about Bluffton and its people.  Music is culture.  Original music is the language of culture.  Your support is all we need to bring on some truly amazing experiences straight to your doorstep.

Much Love.



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