Tonight is the Night

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight we remove the veil from the facade of the Roasting Room, and present a premier act in Angie Aparo and his band of merry men.

I want to encourage any of you that possess even an ounce of interest in original music to check out the show.  But please come early.  Doors open at 8p, with no pre-sale tickets available this time around (which will happen in the future, just not quite ready for that headache).

We had a preview of the room last night with some local musicians, and it seemed from my vantage point that the early returns were overwhelmingly positive.  La Bodega Lite performed brilliantly.  The drinks were a-flowin’.  The vibe was electric.  Tonight will be no exception.

Looking back on the project, Josh and I shared a common vision over a year ago for a place for musicians to be themselves, and for the locals to enjoy hearing those musicians being themselves.  After months of construction, re-construction, outfitting, re-outfitting, designing, re-designing, it’s ready for y’all to enjoy.  I encourage you to do just that.

The coming year will bring with it some great acts stopping in while on tour, as well as your local and regional favorites.  Feel free to recommend bands at any time.  I’ll be in charge (for now) with booking the room.

See you tonight!12341088_10156237146420654_490521039209446491_n


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