The Roasting Room is Live, Amplified, and Looking to Book


Remember the last time we talked, and I mentioned there was a great venue that was working extra hard to be the best sounding room in Bluffton, and probably the entire world?  Well, it’s open.  And yes, it’s ready to blow minds and open hearts, or maybe the other way around.  Either way, it’s go time.

The next step is pretty straightforward.  We need you.  What we don’t need is you to play the same songs you play at other tourist venues (unless they are your own!!).  We’d like the original you.  The you that has to be put on the back-burner so the other you can “make a living playing music”.  The you that aspires for greatness, but has to get by with everyone else’s music because it’s popular.  No more.  We want the REAL you.

Who’s in?  Who’d like to be the first to play the new venue, the Roasting Room?  It’s above the Corner Perk on the corner of Calhoun and 46.  Swing by and have a look anytime.  We’re looking to book beginning Dec 4th.  And yes, original music is GREATLY encouraged, regardless of how good it is.  We have enough stage space for a 4-piece, or a very close 5-piece.  Also, this is not an open-mic type of deal.  You will have to be (slightly) established and be able to carry a set.  2 sets would be better.  Have enough material, you guys.  If you don’t, pair up with someone else that does and have a split bill.  And also tell a friend and as many fans as possible.  We’ll promote the crap outta you as well on social media, so you’re covered.

Contact me at with a sample of your work.  Let’s get to it!


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