Thought Experiment: A Local Musical Utopia

Local Musicians,

Hey y’all, sorry for being weirdly negative/overly-generalizing a couple days ago (hopefully most of you didn’t get to experience my post that I deleted like 2 hours after posting, though Jevon saw it, so there’s that).  I was not as caffeinated as I thought I was.  Frustrated was more like it.  Anyway.  Let’s get to it.

Imagine with me for a minute you have the ability to play any form of music you like, in front of an adoring audience that accepts it for what it is.  Then imagine playing this music in a venue that accepts all forms of art with open arms.  Let’s keep going.  Imagine you can record in this space, which happens to have the acoustic footprint of an A room in a large format studio.  The space happens to be a veritable playground of sound with record players, a refillable jukebox full of 45’s, and a house mix that is both crisp and heavy.  This venue is perhaps run by fellow musicians for the express purpose of celebrating the vast diversity of sound found locally.

Tasty, no?  You can stop imagining.  It’s happening.  Think a local Eddie’s Attic with the idea of silenced cell-phoned, no TVs, listening room.  A live room with a sound and life all its own.  Run by all of us.  If we want to hear it, we’ll make it so.  Do we want Lowcountry Boil?  Oh yeah. Unicorn Meat?  Yes.  Cranford?  Yep.  Sara Burns’ country songs? You betcha.  Jazz with Martin?  Without a doubt.  Singer/Songwriters?  All of em.  A touring act perhaps?  Sure.  Let’s put em up there.  A place that puts in the spotlight our diversity of backgrounds and original style.  Musicians like yourselves have a lot to offer the art scene around here, and we’d all like to hear what you’ve got.  As I gather more details on this amazing space, I’ll share.  Know this: IT’S HAPPENING, and much sooner than later.

Much Love.


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