Andrew Hoover’s New Start

Since Feb 7th, my dear friend and musical kinsman Andrew Hoover and I have been cooking up some seriously tasty concoctions in my humble studio.  He’s still live blogging the process here.

He came to me with a simple thought: Lets make a record in 7 days.  So, he took an Amtrak from Easton, CT to Savannah, GA and we got to work.  After tracking 6 days straight, we had reached the conclusion that this record is going to be a statement; a new start for him, so to speak.   He left satisfied with his tracking, and I’m now mixing, adding, remixing, subtracting, molding, sculpting, etc. these tracks into something that we’ll be proud of.

I could write for days about my friend Andrew (and I will, but he already beat me to it).  He’s a much better blogger than I, although he won’t admit it.  He’s also a ridiculous chef, and a level 2 sommelier.  Needless to say we had a great time while he was here.

Back to the console.  I’ll have something for you all to listen to soon!

Be Well.



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